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Schedule of Courses for 2015 – 2016

Sl. No. Name of Programmes Dates Course Coordinators

A.Orientation Programmes

1. Orientation Programme 7th July to 3rd August, 2015 Director, HRDC
2. Orientation Programme 18th Nov. to 15th Dec. 2015 Associate Professor,HRDC
3. Orientation Programme 16th Feb. to 15th Mar. 2016 Assistant Professor, HRDC

B.Refresher Courses

(i)Specific Refresher Courses

4. Political Science 8th to 28th September, 2015 HOD, Pol. Science Deptt.
5. Bio-informatics

27th Oct. to 16th Nov., 2015

HOD, Biotech. Deptt.

(ii)Inter Disciplinary Courses

6. Commerce & Management

1st to 21st October, 2015

7. Earth Sciences

18th Nov. to 8th Dec., 2015

Dean, SES & NRM
8. Research Methodology in Biological Sciences 23rd Feb. to 14th Mar. 2016 Dean, SLS
9. Emerging Trends in Science & Technology 1st to 21th March, 2016 Dean, SPS

C.Short Term & Other Courses

10. Digital Library & e- Resource Management 17th to 22nd August, 2015 Associate Professor,HRDC
11. Applied Statistics 7th to 12th September, 2015 Assistant Professor,HRDC
12. Professional Development Programme for Non-teaching Staff (Group B & C)

12th to 17th October, 2015

Director, HRDC
13. Information & Communication Technology 2nd to 7th November, 2015 Assistant Professor,HRDC
14. Principal’s Meet 8th May, 2015 Director, HRDC
15. Learning Abilities 7th to 12th March, 2016 Associate Professor,HRDC

D.Additional Courses

16. Teacher’s Educator

5th to 25th August, 2015

Dean, SEH
17. Special Winter School 25th Nov. to 15th Dec. 2015 Associate Professor,HRDC